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New levels of productivity

Dispatch is an innovative solution for managing an overwhelmed Slack. By using a shared inbox, it enables prioritization and efficient handling of the flood of messages.


Carefree Travels

The tourist dictionary contains all the basic terms you need for travelling so you never get stuck on how to communicate with the locals.


Strong start in a new area

For the company’s launch at the new location, a strong personality and online presence of the brand is essential. Pantala entrusted this part to us, while they could focus on expansion.


Complete Solution for Daily Commute

Busko offers arrivals of buses and similar information from different carriers in one application. Usage is extremely simple. It makes daily migrations easier for users because they know where to find all the necessary information.


Renting a storage unit becomes easy

STORE ROOM revolutionizes the rental of both short and long-term storage spaces. The entire storage process is completely digital, starting with an innovative step-by-step reservation process.


Without Office No More

Spoom offers office rental services from one desk onwards. Usage is simple, as the offices include all the equipment, and Ta Studio has taken care of easy reservation.


Unique experience for viewers

Connecting Gaps between Reality Show and Fans in a unique new fantasy TV Show app.


Know Your Wine

Winemakers strive every day to provide the very best wine tasting experience. Get to know the stories behind the bottle you are enjoying.


Fun in the Nature

TROVI is a game that takes users on micro adventures. It contains routes with points where interesting tasks are hidden in various points in the city, and only a compass leads to them.


Brand Identity for a Great Beginning

Beginnings are always the hardest. A cohesive image that works can solve at least one problem that no longer needs to be worried about. It must also communicate the direction of products or services. In the case of Spoiled Bird, the icon hides a hidden message: a bird with a leaf for its wing, since all products are made from natural ingredients.


Know Where to Go

It is good to know the local culture and the points that are really worth visiting. With a guide to the city of Gradež, travelling around it is made easier.

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