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Complete solution for daily commutes

Busko fetches bus arrivals and similar information from different carriers – all in one app. It is extremely simple to use and simplifies daily commutes with relevant information.

Self storage made simple

STORE ROOM revolutionises short and long term storage unit rental. The whole process is completely digital, starting with an innovative reservation process.

Without office no more

Spoom offers office space rental, starting with just one desk. It is plug-and-play (better yet, -work) as it offers everything you might need in an office. Ta Studio took care of the UX of the rental process.

Brand identity for a strong start

Beginnings are always the toughest. A brand identity that works, can solve at least one issue you don’t have to worry about. It has to convey the products’ or services’ direction. In the case of Spoiled Bird, the mark reveals a bird (from the name) with a leaf instead of a wing – as all ingredients are natural.

Fun in nature

TROVI is a game that takes their users into micro adventures. It contains journeys with checkpoints where interesting mini games are hidden, leading you throughout the city, the old fashioned way – with a compass.

A redesigned page for new beginnings

From small “lepotičkas” to the biggest poticas, all have a home on the redesigned Le Potica web site. You can find details about ingredients, fillings and more.

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