Creating a Unique Fan Experience for an Italian Reality TV Show Amici


FantaAmici is a fantasy companion app to the popular Italian reality TV show called Amici. The app allows users to create their own team of students and a professor, and compete with their friends in various challenges to earn points based on their character’s behaviour in the show. The idea was to engage the show’s audience in a more interactive way. In this case study, we’ll explore the design process, user experience, and impact of FantaAmici redesign.

Research & Ideation

Our team conducted research on the target audience and competitor analysis to identify pain points and opportunities for improvement. We discovered that the previous version of the app had major usability issues, and we decided to redesign the app from the ground up. We came up with a new experience that aligned with the show’s audience and was unique compared to other similar apps. The ideation process involved wireframing and prototyping to test the design with users and iterate based on the feedback.

Design & User Experience

The design process for FantaAmici involved creating a visually appealing and easy-to-use interface that aligned with the app’s existing brand. We used a color scheme and typography that reflected the show’s themes and personality.

The user experience for FantaAmici is centered around the idea of easily creating a team and competing with friends. Users can customize their teams, choose 5 students and a professor, and participate in challenges that align with the show’s episodes. The app’s features are easy to access and use, and the user journey is intuitive and engaging. We optimized the user experience based on user feedback and data, and continued to iterate on the design over time.

Uporabniška izkušnja za FantaAmici je osredotočena na idejo enostavnega ustvarjanja ekipe in tekmovanja s prijatelji. Igralci lahko prilagodijo svoje ekipe, izberejo 5 študentov in profesorja ter sodelujejo v izzivih, ki se ujemajo z epizodami oddaje. Funkcije aplikacije so enostavne za dostop in uporabo, uporabniška pot pa je intuitivna in vključujoča. Uporabniško izkušnjo smo optimizirali na podlagi povratnih informacij uporabnikov in podatkov ter nadaljevali z iteracijami oblikovanja skozi čas.


FantaAmici new release was a major success, with over 100,000 new users registered in just a few hours after the app’s launch. This was a significant improvement compared to the previous total active players over all seasons, which were about 400,000. The app received positive feedback from users and the community, and was featured in the media. FantaAmici also had an impact on the show’s audience, as it engaged them in a more interactive way and increased their enjoyment of the show.


In conclusion, FantaAmici is an example of how a well-designed companion app can enhance the user experience and engage audiences in a more interactive way. Our research and ideation process allowed us to create a unique and compelling app that aligned with the show’s audience. The user experience was optimized based on user feedback and data, and the app’s success exceeded our expectations. We will continue to improve and update FantaAmici to ensure it remains a valuable companion for the Italian TV show Amici.